Our Mission

Sight Surgery International is a non-profit, humanitarian organization designed to recruit, coordinate, and deploy small teams of volunteer ophthalmologists, nurses and technicians to perform free sight restoring surgery throughout the United States and the emerging world. Each person pays his or her own way and donates their professional skills. In a recent year, the ophthalmologic personnel examined thousands of needy patients and performed hundreds of major eye surgeries on people who would otherwise have remained blind or visually impaired.


In addition to providing sight-restoring surgery, S.S.I. also coordinates programs designed to foster long-term benefits to emerging countries. Through symposiums, round-table discussions and skills-exchange clinics, S.S.I. offers local surgeons a chance to observe sophisticated surgical skills and modern technology, enhancing their capacity to care for their own patients blinded by cataracts.

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Cataracts are by far the majority contributor of world blindness.