About Sight Surgery International

Your donations provide surgical supplies and equipment to local medical professionals and volunteer medical teams throughout the world.

Your contribution towards SSI's mission of restoring sight worldwide is tax-deductible. Sight Surgery International is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

The most exciting accomplishment of SSI has been facilitating local surgeons in the emerging world to initiate local programs for their own countrys’ indigent blind. Working with local ophthalmology professional associations, SSI assists with locating and then provisioning surgical sites with surgical instrument sets, equipment and supplies, and then mentors the process to solve problems as they arise.

An example of this is a “Cataractathon” currently scheduled for January 2017 in El Salvador, where members of the Salvadorian Ophthalmology Association invited SSI to assist them in organizing a multiday clinic where each member of the Association will donate a day of surgical time treating economically disadvantaged patients blinded by cataracts. SSI will provide coordination of equipment and supplies, including instrument sets, intraocular lenses, viscoelastics and other disposables.

Even the most basic vision care is out of reach for most in developing countries, where there is perhaps one ophthalmologist for every 350,000 people. For the cost of dinner and a movie you can help a person see again.The value of your contribution will be leveraged and increased by 3,000% when combined with our donated surgical supplies and volunteer professional skills. That is an outstanding ROI!

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Will you please help us bring sight to the lives of our patients who are now needlessly living in darkness?